Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Great Britain Schools Its Wayward Child In the Ways of Empire

Now that it's becoming fairly clear that the Brits are leading us out of the finance mess (never, I mean never, elect a President who cannot manage the ownership of a baseball team), I found these contrasting stories quite telling:

The Right Thing (so far): "Simpson 'Expects Sack from BBC'"

The Wrong Thing: "Buckley's 'Sorry, Dad' Piece Leads to Exit"

The news about Buckley underlines the fact that it is increasingly impossible (if not already and actually impossible) for us as a nation to engage in political dialogue and dissent based on analysis of the issues at stake. Subscribers, outraged by Buckley's column, have apparently been cancelling subscriptions en masse, the NIMBY approach to the ideals behind the First Amendment. To be fair, Buckley offered to resign his column; it should be to the great shame of the National Review that they accepted his offer.

Funny that the BBC has taken the stance that the views of a respected journalist ought to be, you know, respected.