Monday, February 25, 2008

Now I Want A Braun T3 Pocket Radio

Gizmodo had this interesting comparison between Braun products designed in the '60's by Dieter Rams and designs of Apple products today. Uncanny. The originals are quite attractive. Martha Stewart has never suggested collecting these. Sure beats ironware ! Confession: Not that I have ever collected a thing her magazine suggests. But I do collect various household objects, functional ones, such as mid-century pottery. I admit, the Rams objects evoke a fond aesthetic response. We may have had some of these things when I was a child.

PS. Head pounding and it is not a weekend. No such thing as a migraineur's (is there such a thing as a migraineuse ?) high tea, apparently. Even two rounds of a very brisk English Breakfast blend along with the green bottle's offering have not made, if you will excuse this, any headway.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Migraineur's Breakfast

It must say something when I look at this photo and think delicious. A typical weekend breakfast, this. Saturday, head pounding upon awakening, a fix in every sense from the cappuccino machine and the lovely green bottle. Much stress lately; enough that I am also reacting to foods that normally don't bother me. I am allergic to only one thing (crab), yet today, two bites of a strawberry shortcake at the office started my lips swelling and me running for the Benadryl. I wonder if increased levels of cortisol up the ante when it comes to allergic reactions ? Benadryl made me very sleepy by the time I got home, so napped am now up too late with less done than should be. I am not used to being allergic to things. The budding morning migraines are another matter: I munch on Excedrin ---it works faster--- without a thought, best with coffee. More anon. Have been aghast that I've posted nothing in so long. Many thoughts on the morning drive, lost to the days that have followed.