Tuesday, October 16, 2007

White Rabbit With A Pocketwatch, Bottle That Said "Drink Me"

Well, metaphorically anyway, life has been like that. Luckily, no rolling up of the hedgehogs for croquet. At this point, I would most likely be a hedgehog in that scenario... As usual, I'm very short on sleep and even more short on free time. The science section of the Times is sitting next to me, unread, for one thing. Will read with morning cappucino at five. Check. Piece of chocolate chip pound cake before bed will cost a bit of sleep, but worth the cost. Meanwhile, after hearing about it ad infinitum, I visited the Radiohead site and downloaded In Rainbows. I had no problem accessing the site (the hype must be past); the dilemma, as everyone knows and if you experience it as one, is what to pay, since that is what the buzz is all about: you pay what you think it is worth. From what I have seen on the net, people have apparently been conditioned by itunes to pay 9.99, as if this is a fair market, standard, or "honest" price. I paid nothing, being a) not a Radiohead fan, and b) ---as we all know--- too short of time to listen before purchasing. The thrill of legally adding so many free songs to my itunes and pod has made me look favorably upon Radiohead. And, I actually like the songs. So I'm wondering: will they add a "Buyer's Remorse" button where those who feel they should have paid more can pony up, and those who overcharged themselves get a refund ?

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