Saturday, March 29, 2008

An Alms for What Was Seemingly Lost

"I seem to see a road; I seem to be on a road, walking. I seem to walk on a blacktop road that runs over a hill. The hill creates itself, a powerful suggestion. It creates itself, thickening with apparently solid earth and waving plants, with houses and browsing cattle, unrolling wherever my eyes go..." Annie Dillard, Holy the Firm

Something has happened this week where in my own life the hill seemingly creating itself has, for a moment, offered itself as a lush and fertile landscape, alive to the wayfarer. It was good to feel that again, even though it unrolled only in glimpses and what may come of it is not clear.

I remember the mornings
the gray dewy quiet
the smell of the grass and the trees’ bark
the silence on the paths
coffee and the Paradox
of why I am not there.

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Two Dishes said...

There's a lot of subtleness in the photo:

Two shades of blue amalgamated with a neutral -- one a blackened blue the other a greyed-out blue.
The Intruding quotidian sturdiness of the burner top.
The base of a bush but the crowning fruition only hinted at and the roots, of course, completely obscure.
Harsh light at an odd angle (that would be a great blog name) from the hood.
Another item pointing to the path out of the frame: a wall outlet, holding a cord which, like life, we are only permitted to initially view as a beginning, as a possibility for arriving somewhere that is as yet outside our frame of perceiving.
Finally, a reflection, adding little, obscuring the photo taker, confirming the existance of additional stove burners.