Sunday, February 26, 2006

"As we lie down to sleep, the world turns half away..."

Several things to report, so little time: Blue, once a mood, now a card. I've received mine, with its embedded microchip for swipeless swiping, and note that besides looking cool, it came with all kinds of info on music downloads, etc., presumably aimed at a generation of debt-makers slightly younger than myself. Or at least I concluded this after not being able to find aforementioned translucent card for about five times in thirty minutes: if you need glasses to find it, perhaps the traditional Amex is more for you. Still, I managed to park a sizeable balance transfer on my new Blue; good-bye, good-bye to the too high interest of one of its competitors.

At the behest of a friend, I slogged through this personality survey
Genuine Creator. Somehow, this cube represents the results of My Personal Dna Report , which did not turn out to completely match my Myers-Briggs (INTX), but then, things are in flux. Though it agrees with a number qualities more scientific tests have suggested are part of my "self," at one point it insists (rather disturbingly) that "In your experience, people tend to get what they deserve." Oh, au contraire,, if only they did. No, that has not been my experience with either good works or malicious plots, and I wonder which of my responses would have led whatever algorithms drive the thing to think that.

This post's title quote courtesy of Elizabeth Bishop's poem, "Sleeping Standing Up."

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