Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Migraineur's Breakfast

It must say something when I look at this photo and think delicious. A typical weekend breakfast, this. Saturday, head pounding upon awakening, a fix in every sense from the cappuccino machine and the lovely green bottle. Much stress lately; enough that I am also reacting to foods that normally don't bother me. I am allergic to only one thing (crab), yet today, two bites of a strawberry shortcake at the office started my lips swelling and me running for the Benadryl. I wonder if increased levels of cortisol up the ante when it comes to allergic reactions ? Benadryl made me very sleepy by the time I got home, so napped am now up too late with less done than should be. I am not used to being allergic to things. The budding morning migraines are another matter: I munch on Excedrin ---it works faster--- without a thought, best with coffee. More anon. Have been aghast that I've posted nothing in so long. Many thoughts on the morning drive, lost to the days that have followed.

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