Monday, February 25, 2008

Now I Want A Braun T3 Pocket Radio

Gizmodo had this interesting comparison between Braun products designed in the '60's by Dieter Rams and designs of Apple products today. Uncanny. The originals are quite attractive. Martha Stewart has never suggested collecting these. Sure beats ironware ! Confession: Not that I have ever collected a thing her magazine suggests. But I do collect various household objects, functional ones, such as mid-century pottery. I admit, the Rams objects evoke a fond aesthetic response. We may have had some of these things when I was a child.

PS. Head pounding and it is not a weekend. No such thing as a migraineur's (is there such a thing as a migraineuse ?) high tea, apparently. Even two rounds of a very brisk English Breakfast blend along with the green bottle's offering have not made, if you will excuse this, any headway.


John B. said...

Glad to see you've resumed posting, first of all.
There is something about German and Swiss household goods, isn't there? They often are something close to pure form and yet are fully functional, too. The other day, I ran across something online whose title I forget but whose point was to display side by side an original product and some other company's knock-off of the original. With at most one exception, all of the ten or so originals were from Germany or Switzerland. I thought, Well, if you're going to steal someone's design, at least steal a good one.

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