Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Go, Girl

I was going to write a short sentence excusing myself from blogging these past few days due to sunshine, sushi, and Campari over ice. I came across this: "Armed 85 Year Old Woman Makes Intruder Call Cops". I grew up in a house where four rifles hung on a gun rack above the piano, where I learned to target shoot by the time I was five (a skill long gone, though the cute photo of me in my fluffy pink winter jacket holding the gun endures), yet I do not own a gun, think that too many people have too many guns and that said guns aren't meant for hunting, and yet... my first thought was approval and admiration. I don't know if I admire more the fact that she held the burglar at bay or that she had the guts to own a gun in the first place. They say you should never carry anything for protection that can be turned against you, but then, you can be strangled with a shoelace. Well done, Leda Smith. You go girl. Remember to reload.

Same to this woman, 93, who actually fired at ---but missed--- a burglar in her house. In their infinite wisdom, the CA police will not charge the woman. Well...yeah.

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John B. said...

I'm not a gun-owner either but have shot my share of them and don't, in the abstract, think less of people who have them for home defense (though I do hope they're careful with them). I think what you (and I) are responding to in this story is something at its essence: it's not the "Armed"--it's the "85 Year Old Woman." We're responding to this manifestation of the Life Force in a person whom many much younger people would assume is just playing out the string. This woman clearly is not doing that. It's the Will to Power in Reader's Digest form.

I at first read "Campari" as "calamari" and so thought, "Really? Over ice?? Either that's a fancy way of dressing up a trip to the fish market, or I've got to get out more."

(Good to have you back and blogging.)